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Sales is only the first service we offer to you!
It’s the obligation to us to provide service to customers. Increase customer satisfaction is the first factor we are always pursuing. Therefore, we established the below after-sales service system.

1.Services rules
a.Answer customer’s call or mail inquiry warmly, solve real issues for customers properly, and establish customer service files.
b.Warm reception to visiting customers, solve the related matters for them in shortest time till they leave with satisfaction.
c.Record, file and analyze those products which are returned back due to quality problems in details. This should be the reference of quality improvement later.
2.After-sales service
Use, maintenance, replacement as well as other special needs of products.
3.After-sale Service Methods 
Staffs of our After-sales service dept. will mail or phone to customers to know the situation in actual usage frequently. Establish files in details for each product. This could be the valued data to R&D dept., sales dept.& production dept..
4.After-sale Service Aims
5.Enable customers to buy and use our products trustingly , We always offer detailed quality certificate, operation instruction and test methods.
If you have any problems about our products, welcome to contact us by phone, fax or E-mail, we will reply you at first time.


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